Splitboarding originated in snowboarding. Depending on who you ask, snowboarding came from skateboarding...which came from surfing. And backcountry skiing and mountaineering made the whole backcountry snowboard travel thing more than just the sum of its board-based parts. In 2018, Splitboarding is a cornucopia of cultural diversity and technological developments that make more things possible than ever before.

Based on the diversity of sports and cultures from which splitboarding comes, one might wager that there is an awfully diverse pool of splitboard folks who traverse big ranges, design new gear, pioneer new lines, and ascend high peaks. Well, the Splitboard Podcast makes that bet, and sets out to tell the stories of the people whose history and trajectories are firmly rooted in winter exploration from a snowboard that is oddly convenient for walking uphill. This season we're putting our chips down that there a few good splitboard stories to tell and hope you agree.

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